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Manufacture and sale of organic miso

The types of organic miso are rice miso, barley miso, and mixed miso.
As for raw materials, we use domestically produced materials, mainly for direct transactions with producers.
We also have miso made from brewed Jiuqu and natural and fertilizer-free cultivation.
Miso (naturally brewed) brewed in a wooden barrel for about a year.

Manufacture and sale of organic jiuqu

Uses domestic organic rice (wheat).
We sell it all year round. We also have barley and brown rice jiuqu.

Manufacture and sale of organic amazake

We sell concentrated type amazake in small packs.
We also handle amazake made from brewed Jiuqu.

Manufacture and sale of Hamanamiso and Moromi

We manufacture and sell Hamanamiso and moromi miso,
which is one of the food cultures of Fukui prefecture.

Online mail order

We sell organically certified products, mainly our own organic miso,
and foods that do not use chemical seasonings.

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Marukawamiso Co., Ltd.
915-0006 12-62 Sugisaki-cho, Echizen-city, Fukui-prefecture
Map / Access

・Car → About 1 minute after getting off the Takefu Interchange in Fukui Prefecture
・Train → The nearest station is JR Takefu Station (about 10 minutes by taxi from there)

・Bus → There is a Fukui Railway route bustimetable)from JR Takefu Station.

Please click No. 5 Ikeda Line.
It will arrive about 800m south of the Kitamura exit.
・There is a night bus→Tokyo ⇔ Takefu Interchange 1 minute walk from Takefu Interchange
・Bicycle rental→Echizen City Tourism Association also rents bicycles.

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Hiroshi Kawasaki
10 million yen
amount of sales
310 million yen
Number of employees
December 1914
Annual shipment
Shipped about 150 tons of miso
Organic miso ratio
Organic ratio 95% (ratio of organic miso to total inventory excluding OEM)
Number of wooden barrels
70 wooden barrels