Japanese fermented
‘slow food’ experience

by marukawamiso

event details

name The Japanese fermented ‘slow food’ experience
outline making: tofu, brown onigiri, and misomaru (instant miso soup)
miso brewery tours available
date and time Monday to Friday 14:00 to 16:00 (excluding public holidays)
requires approximately 2 hours
miso brewery tours from 13:20 or 16:00 for interested parties (requires booking)
location Marukawamiso
〒915-0006 12-62 Sugisaki-chou Echizen-shi Fukui-ken
cost ¥ 3,500 (tax included)
*please pay at the register on the first floor, on the day
what to bring No need to bring anything.

3 experiences

with ‘slow food’ you can take part in 3 experiences


the tofu making experience

What is tofu?
Tofu is extracted from soy beans (soy milk) and processed by hardening with a coagulant.
It is rich in vegetable protein and it is indispensable for the Japanese table as a healthy food.

Nigari (bittern) is added to organic soy milk to harden.
This liquid is poured into a strainer and the tofu remains.


the brown onigiri making experience

What is onigiri?
Rice balls are made by pressing cooked rice into triangles, bales or spheres. Flavors or ingredients such as pickeled plums, salmon, kelp and the like are added to the cooked rice. Because it can be eaten by hand, it is useful as a portable meal such as a boxed lunch.
What is brown rice?
Brown rice is rice which retains its husk. It is rich in vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber.

To make our onigiri we mix natural salt with natural brown rice, insert pickled plums and wrap with seaweed.


Misomaru (instant miso soup) making experience

What is misomaru?
Miso is a Japanese food made by adding malt and salt to soybeans and fermenting it. There are differences in raw materials, color and taste depending on the region, and it has long been popular as a “taste of home”.
Miso contains many nutrients. It is said that it has effects such as hypertension lowering, anticancer effects, cholesterol control, and anti-aging effects etc.
Misomaru is a mixture of soup stock and ingredients rolled into balls. You can make a bowl of miso soup by adding hot water to one ball. Thus so you can enjoy miso soup easily even when you are busy. .

We use Marukawamiso’s miso with powderd kelp, bonito flakes, dried spring onion, and dry baked wheat gluten etc.

about marukawamiso

with ‘slow food’ you can take part in 3 experiences


Our long established miso brewery has a continuous history of more than 100 years.

Marukawamiso was founded to produce rice in 1772 in Takefu, Fukui Prefecture.

In 1914 the 6th generation Uemon Kawasaki founded the malt store. The production of miso began in the 7th generation.

In 1995, in his school days, the 9th generation patriarch was shocked by reading a book that warned of the problem of environmental pollution caused by chemical substances. ‘I want to make miso with organic ingredients,’ was his sound resolution. Thus the production of organic miso began.

In 2001 while the use of artificial koji mold (Aspergillus oryzae) was mainstream, we acquired the first natural koji mold in about half a century.

Since then we have continued to make natural fermented miso using natural koji mold, organic ingredients, and water taken from 42 meters below ground. Using wooden containers we leave it to the four seaons to ferment and age. This is our natural brewing process that has remained unchanged since our foundation.


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